Upcycled American Flag Shirt

How about a 4th of July shirt for free?

At the last parade we went to, miniature flags were handed out.
https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEgPJjM5PCiSnnspGPFsjDO3CGqprFUzOOOCyJf9Zjet55kqPdPRk2d9kEJRYP4W620pUZcIup1vnunYROP7uAADJTCvCTtgDo90OcVh6BvNcPc6Rlb79oPkctJkx9OSC-Nc-lp4abBvTVPZ/s1600/IMG_5728.JPG All I did was carefully take the staples out of the flag, iron double sided fusable interfacing on the wrong side, iron on shirt we already had and top stitch with invisible thread along edges.  Super quick.  Super easy.

 An upcycled Forth of July shirt for free.  Can't beat free.
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Basket Cover: June

Whoops!  Forgot to post this month's basket cover.  Here it is and here's the previous months:

Here's the cover from:
This month has books about bugs and daddies (for Father's Day).  My little guy didn't take long to dig in once he saw it.

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Upcycled Teddy Bear

My little guy had this cute little hoodie that he outgrew.  I couldn't give it away because the zipper broke.  I didn't see the point in fixing a zipper on a hoodie that wouldn't fit him anyway. 

So, I used my scissors...and that hoodie turned into Teddy bear ears, face, paws and feet.  I used this pattern...which is great as long as you're an experienced sewer.  

I thought about saving him for Christmas.  But then my little guy saw him when he was a work in progress...and fell in love.  He actually waited patiently by my side as I sewed the face and head on. 

He calls him "Big Teddy", frequently says "Thank you, mama" and gives him lots of love.
Of course, he's added to the sleeping stuffed animal menagerie for nap and bed time.

Now that "Big Teddy" is finished, I wish I would have made a smaller version, one that would be a bit more convenient to tote to the places he apparently needs to go.

All in all, I'm thrilled how much my little guy appreciates mama made.
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How about a Giraffe Tail?

Much to mama's delight, the excitement over tails continues.

So, a giraffe tail was added to the collection.  I made this one thinner by 2 inches, as I didn't expect them to constantly be worn in a car seat.  I thought thinner would be more comfortable, although I haven't received any complaints.

What I love is watching these giraffe tails pop up in such random places, while doing such important things.  I think it's so darn cute...I can't help but to stop and smile.

I hope having an animal tail will be important quite a bit longer.  Until then, I will relish in the cuteness. 
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Thrifted. Including handmades.

A bit over budget this time around....

Two books.
(Another) Baby hat. (I needed it, right?!).
A set of seven (why seven I wonder?) hand crocheted napkins that I love.
Puppy socks (which aren't nearly as exciting as the truck ones were, even though he loves puppies).
Three organizational racks.
And two hand hooked seat cushions.  I do love handmades!

All for eight bucks.  Yup, that's right...I'm over budget...but seriously...only $8. 

As my neighbor says, "You couldn't even buy the supplies to make that for eight bucks.  And he's right.

Here's a close up of those handmade napkins. 
And I think those hand hooked seat covers have just made our front porch a bit cozier.

I need to hear about your scores, as I don't think a lot of thrifting will be in my near future with two under the age of two. 
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 Tabbouleh is one of those dishes I grew up on.  A perk of a Lebanese family, for sure.  Since every year I forget and try to jog my memory on how I make it, I decided to write it down, once and for all.


1/2 cup of wheat bulgar, soaked in water until doubled
1 Bunch of flat leaf Parsley, chopped (I chop and eat the stems, too)
1/8 cup finely chopped red onions
2 chopped tomatoes
(Chopped red peppers, green peppers or cucumber, optional)
1/8 cup chopped mint or lemon mint (we grow both of these)
1 T olive oil
1 T lemon juice
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

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Living up these last few days...

Remember how I vowed to change my perspective yesterday and really enjoy these last few days before the baby comes?

Well, what I really felt like doing today in this humid heat (after I made banana bread and a tomato cucumber summer salad...and cleaned the house) was a whole lot of nothing.  But I planned ahead, packed a picnic (while my little guy packed his puppy on the leash) and decided to utilize the time today after our midwife appointment, as a family of three.  
We went to the Hamilton House, which I just love.


The guys of the household dug in.
And conveyed enthusiasm over what mama had packed.

And then this ready to go mama did lots of this:

While simultaneously watching the amazing bond between a boy and his father.

Giggles of amazement at dada's jokes.
Walking using the exact same poise.
Waving to mama who just sat and enjoyed the view.
Yes, it was quite grand getting to enjoy this time...making our last memories as a family of three, eagerly ready to start our adventures as a family of four.
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No, actually I'm not counting down.

If I just accepted my first due date and didn't insist on an ultrasound, I'd be considered 5 days overdue.  Or if you count my current due date, I'm due in five days.  Either way, I'm so close and "go time" could be any moment.  If you have been pregnant before, you may agree that the last couple of weeks seem to last longer than the previous 8 1/2 months.  Especially when it's hovering around 100 degrees in Maine (ick).
Many of conversations have occurred lately inquiring as to my feelings with the frustration of the waiting game, being uncomfortable and just generally being ready to be done.  I must admit, I had been having feelings as these, which escalated once discussing with others. Particularly with the spike in heat (which I'm not a heat fan anyway), I've been willing these last few days to pass quickly.
But, today I had quite the change of heart.  These days shouldn't be rushed.  They should be savored.  I don't have many more days where it will be just my little guy and me...connecting, bonding, laughing, snugging and enjoying one another.  Yes, we will still do this once our little girl is here...but I don't want to wish away the uninterrupted time we get together now. 
Beach time, just the two of us. "Beach fun mama!".  Reading 15 books in a row. "More dooks mama". Playing his favorite board game for an hour straight.  "Teddy same mama."  Making cupcakes. "Mmm.  Help mama."  Filling dumptrucks with rocks. "Brrrm, dumptruck".  Those random moments when he just wants a snuggle. "Kiss mama cheek".  Playing peek-a-boo, complete with the giggles that follow.  "Scare mama, BOO!"

 Yes, I may be large, hot and uncomfortable.  Yes, I cannot wait to meet our little girl.  But, I vow to not wish away these last moments or days with just the two of us.  All the complaining doesn't help, babies come when they're ready.  Besides, there's too many memories to make while we wait.

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