Quilt 60

Quilt 60-Twin Size
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To our little boys...

A message to two special little boys:  

May you learn, grow, make close friends and be a kind friend...
May you jump, run, explore and laugh.
But, always remember your mamas love you.  Remember that each step of the way.

From two special little boys to their mamas: 

Yes, I'll sit here, take the darn picture already. 
I'll do whatever you want, as long as you give me some more M&Ms.
(Obviously the M&M jar is more enticing to look at when compared to the camera.)  

On being younger...

Growing up, I was the older sibling.  I never really thought of the perspective of my brother as the younger sibling.  Thus, experiencing the younger sibling phenomenon is all new for me.

Although my oldest truly loves his baby sister, she has already had her share of elbows accidentally to her tiny noggin by big brother just trying to maneuver closer to her.  Mama has (thankfully) been quick to catch her older brother trying to sneak her chocolate chips.  I find myself reminding my oldest daily that his sister is not a road for his cars-he so desperately wants to play with her.  I also have found myself re-reminding my oldest that he should not touch her actual eyeballs when labeling all of her body parts.  It truly is a miracle that even with diligent mamas that younger siblings even survive.

But...what a gift she has as the second born.  She gets double the books read to her, double the songs sung.  She gets extra kisses and snuggles.  She has quite the protector, teacher, helper. And she already has been for her very first dumptruck ride.

Yes, there's lots of bonuses being the second born...just as long as mama is always supervising and forbids a dumptruck ride DOWN the hill.  This big brother of hers has lots in store for her.

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Watching Daddy...

From the archives...one that I never posted but I can't resist.

He's watching daddy.

Makes me fondly remember the days when I used to go on my tip toes to watch my daddy out of the farmhouse windows. 

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Two Sweet Faces...and the Love of Siblings

What a grand time we are having loving them and watching them love each other.

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Diapering Roundup

Cloth diapering isn't what it used to be.  Now a days, it's easy and more convenient than you'd think.  It certainly is more cost effective than disposables, and even more cost effective if you make diapering supplies yourself.  I mostly just trace diapers I have and like to make patterns to make new ones. 

Here's some samples of what I've made (Links under pictures): 

Newborn Cloth Diaper Pack

Newborn Cloth Cover

Upcycled Newborn Wool Cover

Upcycled Newborn Wool Cover
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Our Dragonflies

From nymphs to mature dragonflies....it's really quite marvelous spotting these in our yard.  We all get a little giddy with excitement. I think we shall be doing this again next year. 
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