Creating Toys

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Softies and Puppets
Ribbon Block from Old Baby Clothes
Puppy Softie
Wheels on Bus (FREE pattern)
Humpty Dumpty
Owl Crinkle Toy
Alligator Puppet (FREE pattern)


Five Little Ducks (FREE pattern)

Big/Little Penguins

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Wool Ball

Upcycled Doll

Colors and Puppets Quiet Book
Foam Stickers to Children's Book
Wooden Creations  

Zig Zag Ball Drop
Wooden Push Cart

Train Table
Flower Garden

Play Bed

Sling Book Shelf with Storage 
Farm Fences
Wooden Street Signs for Play Cars

Creating Accessories for Play-Kitchen (Series)
Play Apron
Felt Vegetables
Market Bag

Wooden Groceries 
Felt Fruits

Ice Cream Cones

Blue Jeans into Car Roads
Ladybug Beanbags
Superhero Cape

Miniature Doll-Sized Bag (Free Instructions)

Puzzle Storage with Old Onesies
Play Mail

Play Baby Carrier (DIY directions)
Crafting Caddy
Upcycled Chalkboard Eraser

Tic Tac Toe
Labeled Puzzle Storage Bags


  1. Wow, I could just cry - I love these ideas! So many toys made from wood and fabric instead of plastic. I wish I could go back and make these for my kids, instead of buying from the store. Sadly they've mostly outgrown them, but there's always my niece! Thanks so much for these ideas - blue jean roads and wooden groceries! Genius!

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