My Cowboy and his Tortillas

I think that tortillas definitely taste better when made by a cowboy.  Especially a cowboy with dimples.

Happy Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year.  I remember Summer Solstices when I was a kid, staying up late, reading in bed well past my bedtime. It was a gorgeous evening here.  Big two running around in their underwear looking for ripe strawberries. I was nursing a fussy baby while weeding the carrots.  Sweet fussy baby calmed right down in her new to us (free!) swing. Then a James Herriot marathon book reading session.  Now I'm enjoying a summer snack of crackers, cream cheese, topped with fresh homemade jam.  Summer has officially begun. It's going to be a good one!

Wild Kingdom

Our annual trip to the zoo...with mama made tails. Somehow they always want me to be the elephant.  I accidentally 'forgot' my elephant tail in the car this year. Oops.  
 She's also sporting a mama made hat and mama made skirt. He says he's wearing mama made shorts because I cut them from pants to shorts.
 Seriously, can't get enough of these tails!  They just went about their fun, forgetting about their tails, whereas I was smiling at those tails all day.

 Someone slept through most of it.
 Woke up at the end.

A fun time, indeed!

Hot days...

It's funny how the seasons change and our rhythm follows.  During the winter, we are inside during the morning and evenings and head outside midday, to catch the warmest part of the day.

Now that we are almost officially into the months of summer and the weather is uncomfortably hot (for me anyway!), we tend to spend the bookends of our day outside, with the middle part of our day inside.  Thankful this old farmhouse stays pretty cool most of the summer.

 Inside midday unless, of course, we're at the beach.  This was Anna-Kate's first beach trip and I didn't bring my camera. Oops!  I coaxed my husband to walk back to car to take a couple of pics with his cell phone.   He gets the credit here.

Tiny sandy toes, I love them so! Thankful during these hot days that cooling off oceanside is only 6 miles from our home. Just another reason why I'm glad we have made our home-sweet-home in Maine.

Fields of Daisies

My favorite flower, my most favorite time of year. I've worked to get this field of daisies looking like this. Just looking at it makes me happy.  Taking pictures of my littles in it makes it even happier. (They have been wearing their matching goat shirts, thanks Grammy!)

Happy Father's Day 2017

Happy Birthday to the "Best Dad Ever"...which must be true, because the T shirt says.
 Adrian said "I love it best when you tuck me in at night."  Audra said "I love it when you kiss me and hug me and pick me up."  Since Anna-Kate didn't tell me her favorite part of having you as a dad, I just will have to show some highlights in pictures.

Happy Father's Day, Justin!

Nature Walks

Everytime I go to the Rachel Carson center for a nature walk, I tell myself I need to go more often. We all love it there, my neighbor too.  The highlight this time was watching the goose turn it's egg.  Must go more often!

Wood Stacking

Next winter's wood.  Getting it in the woodshed has been on my to-do list.  My husband helped for an hour or so yesterday, but there's a lot more to do.  Not so possible to do one handed. 
 I parked Anna-Kate outside this afternoon. It was breezy, so no bugs in the shade.  She certainly had a crew to keep her company. I got two wheelbarrows of wood during sibling entertainment time.
 Then it was discovered she really enjoyed watching the clothes move with the wind.  I got two wheelbarrows of wood in while she did this.
 And then she slept, so I got a few more wheelbarrow loads in that way.
 At the pace I'm going, it will take me the whole summer to get the wood in!  Stacking wood is probably the world's best hands on science activity with the critters we find (snake skin, mouse nest, centipedes, ant colonies, pregnant spiders, etc.), so it's just as well we will have multiples opportunities to throw wood at this pace. A little progress when I can will pay off.  Thankful I have this guy who probably did a thousand loads in his dumptruck today. I may not be exaggerating by much.
 I also have helmet girl (safety first!), who helps for 2-3 minute time spans before she declares herself 'snack girl' and goes and makes us a burdock salad (thanks...) or decides she's going to gather some chickens to be the audience watching the wood show, etc..  She provides the entertainment, which is necessary too!

I'll keep plugging away. Hope it will be finished before the snow flies.

This stinks.

There are things in life that stink and there are things in life that are really stinky.

There are days that stink. There are days that are even stinkier.

Today rates the stinkiest of them all.

11:30 pm and this fearless protector (or maybe curious fool) had a chance encounter with a skunk.  So a bath for her at 11:30 pm and a shower for me at 12:15am.

Now it's 12: 30 am and I never went through all those pictures I intended on going through because of that blasted skunk.

Because I'm a glass is half full type of girl, I need to remember those half full moments of the day so I don't wallow in the half empty feelings that are creeping up.

-Today I drank *almost* all my coffee when it was still hot.
-My husband, who is not a frequenter of wood stacking, committed an hour of his day to help me get some wood in.
-Kids who spent half the morning trying to take three goats for a walk to their "house" in the hedge.
-A baby girl who smiles broadly for "Peek a boo".
-Leftovers for all meals, which means I didn't cook or bake a thing today.
-A fantastic sewing meeting with our 4-H family.
-Line dried pajamas.
-I ate the last piece of cookie cake.
-At least the dog who needed to be de-skunked is our waterdog.

Although not funny now, someday the "Remember when" of tonight will be most comical.


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