This girl...

Such a perfect addition to our family. We ALL love her.

(The sweetest crane mobile made by Violet, thank you Violet!)
Body guards.

(Ball made by my cousin, thanks Rebecca!)


There is so much in the world that's scary now.  I struggle with processing it all and what to tell and not tell my kids. My solution is to just shut the computer off.

As I was at the Fresh Air Fund bus stop, I looked around and noticed the multitude of good and kind people.  Kids were smiling, adults hugging them, lots of chatter and such a good vibe.  A safe zone, lots of support and color a non-issue.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said it well.  "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." 

I have the same dream for my four: my three biological children and my summer son.

My heart needs to find those with character. May I strive to be the kindness and to keep showing my kids the good because the rest is so scary.  Togetherness and kindness.  It's what the world needs.  May kindness be my driving force, today and everyday.

August's "Chicken Soup with Rice"

Another month, another verse and another bowl of soup!  We're making a "Maine" version of "Chicken Soup with Rice", inspired by the "Chicken Soup with Rice" by by Maurice Sendak (1962).  Kids are really enjoying memorizing the poem of the month and I'm taking their picture with their soup in the same spot. 

It's neat to see how the seasons change month to month on this old Maine farm. 

November here.  
December here.
January here.
February here.
March here.
April here. 
May here.
June here.

I cannot commit to making the same soup 12 times this year, so I vary it. This month's soup was Tomato tortellini sausage and kale soup.

Coffee, coffee, coffee

Can you read my mug? Patience. It's the word of the day. Coffee and I go.  

And come afternoon, I'll take Anna-Kate's advice. Keep the cupcakes coming! 

Days in the Fresh Air

He slept in, ate pancakes for breakfast, played with the dog, helped make and deliver flower arrangements to the elderly, ate homemade bread (per request), played marble maze (per request), played board games (per request), checked books out from the library, went to Lego club, ate a dinner that was so good that he hopes I make it again this week, went to a book sale, went to the beach, actually went part way in the water even though it was freezing, took care of the evening animal chores and asked if he could pick a book before bed.  I said pick two.

Our hearts are so happy he is here.

Fresh Air 2017

 Thankful we get to give a little fresh air this summer and get a few tales from city life. Adrian and Audra were chatting when we were waiting- Audra "He must be so eager to come." Adrian "I'm sure he is. It's some journey getting here." Well, he made it! There are requests for homemade bread, homemade jam, homemade ice cream and a visit to Nam and Pap's this trip.  All which we may accomplish tomorrow. The rest of the week is to be determined.  The kids are so glad to be reunited with their summer brother.  We're all happy he's back.

As years prior (this is his 4th year with us!), first up is a run with the dogs.
If you haven't heard of the Fresh Air Fund or if you are interested in hosting, look here:  It truly is such a rewarding program!

My trio

I'm sort of up/down/all around lately and feeling scattered.  However, my constants are my love for my three kiddos and my little guy's love for John Deere.  He rallies the crew to coordinate outfits again and again...always tractors. Thankful for these kids.


 A bunch of really great books: $6.00
 Binder, brand new glitter paints, all these fantastic little wooden houses, vintage ribbon, radish cast iron trivet, wooden letters, fabric, strawberry hot pad, rainbow loom: $7.00.

And aren't these houses adorable?  I put them with our block set. They have already gotten plenty of use.

Oh the many faces...

If I was to make a flip book, I'd make it out of the many faces of this sweet girl.  She's so easy to love.


Our Summer

One of the biggest parts of our summer is the faint rumble of the tractor coming (we can often hear it in the distance).  When we hear that, no matter what we are doing is immediately dropped as we all holler "TRACTOR" and sprint to the big maple tree out front to wave to Farmer Rick.  This happens multiple times a day. Sometimes we don't hear it in time to get to the maple, but we nevertheless dash to a window.  Farmer Rick always looks for the kids, beeps and waves.  Once that tractor is gone, we go back to whatever we were doing.  When that tractor rolls by again, we'll start the holler and dash routine, for who wants to miss that tractor roll by? Especially since it almost always has some sort of something interesting hitched to it.  Right now it's corn time, so the bushels of corn rolling by gets us all excited for that summertime corn.  This tractor waving routine will be a part of their childhood memories for years to come. It truly is the simple pleasures that are best of all.

Quilt memories

I think I have made somewhere around 130 quilts. I kid you not, I mass produced in high school. While I rarely quilt now, someday I'll get back to it. In the meantime, this special one brings me so much joy. It's king sized. Lots of tiny pieces. It took me forever. I made it for my grandfather. I just put it on his bed when he was in the other room one day. He was so surprised. He kept it on his bed and never slept under it. He didn't want to ruin it. Every night he folded it back down. Every morning he pulled it back up. When he passed away, my dear Aunt Harriett knew how happy that quilt made him and she asked if she could keep it to remember him.  I agreed.  After she passed away, my dad one day came home with the quilt.  I am so happy to have it back, not just because I love it, but I love the journey it had gone on. I look at it and it reminds me of those I loved.

 I also think a quilt on the line makes a house so much cozier.  (Through this picture, you can totally understand why our house is never clean. Look at the size of the king sized quilt compared to our house. A lot to clean!)
 Having a cat show up random places throughout the day makes a house feel like  a home too.
 I's Anna-Kate, 'helping' make the bed.
 Hoping one of my kiddos will appreciate handmade quilts and treasure this quilt years to come.  This quilt's journey is just beginning....


It's that time of year that our grocery trips are fewer and farther in between because of all the homegrown goodness.  While planting a garden isn't exactly the part about homesteading I like best, the results have certainly been awesome. Proud of my healthy and adventurous eaters.

Summer Evenings

Popsicles and evening strolls-that's what summer is made of.

 Especially love the walks that go from this:
 to this.
 Thankful for my trio!


These hot summer days bring us in midday. Thankful this old house keeps pretty cool on those hot days.

 At the thrift store recently, I got some extra pieces to add to our wooden marble maze, plus some colorful chalk
And all these play mobil pieces (hundreds of dollars worth) to give to our neighbor for her collection.  All this for $8.00.  Score.


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