Baby wearing

Just a little something I like to call....magic.


I've been letting the big kids take turns picking outfits for their new sister.  My overall boy chose overalls today. Big surprise.  That spurred a matching trio.  Of course I had to do a little photoshoot. Best wheelbarrow load ever!.  (Thanks to Sharon for the blanket,should have had it flower side up!)

Settling in

Day two home with the five of us, I must say I'm enjoying settling back in to our new normal. I'm thankful my husband has a month more off of work and I will be off of work for 11 more weeks.  We are so rarely home all together, it feels like a treat.  Sweet little Anna-Kate is getting TONS of love and snuggles from her big brother and sister. Constantly. Aside from snuggles, we've been reading a lot, spending time with our animals, being outside, getting dirty and trying to do some teamwork to make some good food.   Our house is a disaster, but better than yesterday, so that's progress.  My body is definitely in recovery mode, so pacing myself with baby snuggles is just perfect to make sure I don't do too much.  Sometimes I think about all I usually do this time of year with the gardens around this property, but this year I won't be doing it "all".  And that's okay.  I've asked for another baby for 4 years now.  Having her close to me is how I want to be spending my days, the garden will be there next year.  These infant days...I'm loving them.

Siblings Meet

First of all, I'm so thankful for everyone's well wishes and congrats.  I haven't been as good about replying as much as I'd like, but I want to let you all know how I truly appreciate the love.

I wasn't sure how it would go having my two bigs meet their little sister.  Especially if you recall how furious my son was when he found out we were having a girl.  (Pic here for reference of that day when I ruined his life with the news).

Well, he has had quite the change of heart. They both RAN into the hospital room.  Adrian kept saying "I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I just love her so much. She is my sister and I'm so happy."  He is still chanting things like this. He cannot stop smiling when he sees her. Cannot keep his hands off of her. Audra at first was more interested in organizing the tiny diapers and clothes but when she finally decided she wanted to hold the baby, she sat still for the longest I've seen her sit still in ages.

The long and short of it...we ALL love Anna-Kate.  Anna-Kate is a good sport. If I was in her shoes, I'd be a tad overwhelmed with all the constant love and touches.  But she is tolerating all the love.  We are so thankful to have her here with us.

Forgive me for posting oodles of pictures, I've not been successful at narrowing them down.


Baby Details

 Finally the details...

My husband was set on having an A name.  Although I had others I was lobbying for, he fell in love with:

Anna-Katherine Eleanor

Anne was my late mom's middle name.
Katherine was the name my parents had as a runner up for me when I was born.
Eleanor was my mom's mom.  My grandmother who passed away a couple months ago.

My husband said that he thought it was neat for her to be named after strong women who came before her.

So, Anna-Katherine Eleanor Lipsky. We'll call her Anna-Kate.

She was born on 4/24/17 at 6:25pm.
Weight 8 pounds 8 ounces
Height 21 inches
Head 14 inches

We are all smitten with her.  Her daddy in particular.

Welcome Baby Girl!

My view from here...

Well worth the wait!  Our little bundle of absolute perfection. Born yesterday evening, April 24, 2017.

Proud to say that she came on her own, 17 days overdue (it was really important to me for her to come on her own and I advocated hard for trusting my body and my baby to come when all was ready, so thankful it worked out!). Out of our three, she was definitely the hardest in coming!  My husband is truly the world's best birth coach. Couldn't have done it without him. She's here and will meet her big brother and sister soon.

We are mostly sure on the name now, just need to tell our family first. I need to get all the stats from the nurses to share. I was mighty wiped out yesterday, so lots is a blur.

Today I have the world's most perfect little blessing to snuggle. And I'm so thankful for this sweet little girl.

Plow Day

Good thing there was no baby today, we would have missed this!


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