Somewhere, somewhere in this mess of my brain, I am looking for my mind.  It's got to be in here somewhere. Right?

I hope so. 

Just trying to swim over here...and could really use a flotation device, apparently. After a mentally exhausting weekend, I got stung by a bee and my hand was throbbing for days. Back at work, there's a ridiculous foul odor and come to find out a rodent died right over the ceiling tiles in the room I use.  Back at home the goats will NOT stay in their darn fence. And there's a dead rodent smell in MY kitchen that has taken me forever to locate. I've been sniffing all around my kitchen. It's the dishwasher.  Which we hired someone to install. And something is dead behind it.  I cannot make this stuff up. 

I fed my kids apple slices, carrot sticks and cheese and called that dinner. Know how many times I've fed them oatmeal this last week? A lot. The dryer is in regular motion because I cannot organize myself to hang out on the clothesline.  I have errands that need to be run, commitments I made and need to follow through on and my house is a disaster, especially the floors. Just tonight all at the same time, I had one kid cold and crying trying to get into the shower, the other was about dropping the dog water all over the floor and the baby was screaming and hungry. There is only one of me. I have pictures to go through and this is the longest I have gone without a blog post.  Writing is so calming to me. I hate that I've not been organized enough to write. And sleep. What's sleep? Halloween is coming and I've promised my children specific costumes. Have I started? Nope. And this weekend is CRAZY busy, since our church harvest party is here. We have had some really awesome service learning opportunities this week (my kids shopped for food for a local backpack program and we helped bring a petting zoo to the nursing home residents)...and I didn't even bring my camera.  And the list goes on...

 Sometimes I just cannot do it all. Like now.  I read this earlier today: You need to lower your expectations….then probably lower them again.  

I think that quote was written for me.  And all the mothers out there who are trying to do so much.  

But, sometimes it's not just shifting the expectations.  It's shifting perspectives.  

I'm going to do that right here, as I really could use a little shift in my own perspective.

My kids called me the best mom ever when I served them snacks in place of dinner. 
Laundry is folded.
Eggs have been washed.
I made an apple pie with my kids today. 
We had an amazing homeschool day, complete with nature study, art and oodles of books.
I squeezed in grocery shopping, so we have something more than oatmeal.
The weather today was fantastic.
The tooth fairy came last night and the baby just cut her first tooth.
Said baby is the sweetest baby ever.
There's a bouquet of fresh flowers on my table from a friend.
I found a Columbia winter coat at the thrift shop for sixty five CENTS! 
I managed to get my plants inside before the frost.
I live in the very best farmhouse in all of Maine.
I'll drive by the ocean tomorrow, just doing my errands. 
I have today as another day with my family.
Can't beat that.


I have tears of thankfulness.

These last 24 hours have been horrific for my family. My brother was in a horrid accident, an accident that amazingly, much to the doctors' surprise, by the grace of God, didn't take his life.

The long and short is he is going to make it.

The magnitude of my thankfulness is indescribable. Matt's work is not done here on Earth.  Neither is mine. Our number of days is unpredictable. I'm going to make sure today is meaningful.  Thankful to have another day to love my family.
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Started the week with the goal of doing some nature study and ended the week with fulfilling that goal. Into the woods with my littles... best way to recharge.Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, tree, baby, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree, outdoor, nature and closeup

Temps shifting

It's *finally* that time of year...our attire and our meals are shifting to match the weather.  Woodstoves are all prepped for the year, won't be long before we fire them up! I'm ready for a meal cooked on the woodstove. As my dad always says, "Everything tastes better cooked on the woodstove."  I agree!


 Art kit, three wooden bowls and spoons, two books, magazine rack and 23 brand new peg people. $5.00
ALLLL that fabric!  Books. Ice skates. A sled. $8.00

Winter in this Farmhouse

Half the year we live out on the screen porch and our living room is forgotten.  There's nothing like summer nights on that screen porch.  While this fall has been summer like in temps, before long, I'm confident it will feel like fall.  On an excellent windy, clothes drying day, I washed all the curtains, vacuumed the cobwebs, dusted, arranged a new mantle set up, brought plants in, put away an array of the vintage books in those old bookshelves, had the fireplace inspected for winter use and got it ready for the next season. My eclectic, thrifted and homemade living room that's probably not like anyone else's. It's cozy in just the way that feels like me. Fall, we're ready anytime!


Nature Study

Outside. Where no lesson plans are needed. Where there's plenty to explore so long as we take notice. Where we go to get our wiggles out, slow down time and relax.  It's' where we think, where we chat and where we connect.  Life has been mighty busy as of late, the goal this week is to make some more time for nature study.

Hamilton House

The Hamilton House and all her beauty. Thankful we have so many opportunities to live history here in Maine.

Saucing It

When our neighbor says "Trees are full, take all you want!" and what you leave with hardly makes a dent in what's there....

Yup. I've got some work ahead of me.  All three kids will have these homegrown pears as one of the first foods.  One year I put up 50 quarts of pears!

50 is a much loftier goal than I'm shooting for. Right now, aiming to can what I have right here.  I think I can, I think I can...


A mama made dress, making it's way back around.  Here's the dress.

Here's Audra in it in 2013.

Here's Anna-Kate in it now. It's so fun digging these old handmades out!

Books and handmades.

When she can choose whatever she wants in this old farmhouse or around farm...and she chooses to read to the stuffed rabbits I made her...

Well, this heart of mine grows 5x in size when I see this.

Recap Country Kids 2017

So much going on in the world right now, let us be the helpers.  We had a fantastic time at our Country Kids party, raising money for those hurricane victims in need.  I wish I took more photos, especially of the potato digging. Kids LOVE digging potatoes. New this year was a wildflower identification challenge in addition to our grasshopper/cricket collection challenge.  Plus the same with the barn painting (water), pine shavings filled sandbox, art, old fashioned play, sack races and ice cream.

Year 5 of having these parties for charity instead of birthday parties...and I just might say this is our favorite family tradition so far.  Thank you for coming out, friends!

Apple picking

This post is a big thank you to my dad. He helped get down a big cherry tree that was ruining our chances of apples.  But, it's producing now and apple picking we did go in our own backyard. Bonus-we get to enjoy the best place in town for a sunset and the resident flock of wild turkeys wandering by.  I love home sweet home.

Sun Cooking

During these warm days, Audra picked some cherry tomatoes, cut them in half, added salt and pepper. Then she put a top on them and placed them in the sun. Within the hour, she had delicious roasted tomatoes.  All her idea.  I think someday it will not be me in charge of dinner.  Love my little chef.


A bit behind in pictures, we're on week 3 of our awesome homeschool co-op. Now these two have matching John Deere backpacks, thanks to Grammy.  We absolutely love our co-op. Friendship. Advice. Hugs. Help. Support. It's all that.  The wonderful women of the co-op brought me so many meals when I was sick during my last pregnancy. For over a month I had regular meals coming in. I am used to be on the giving side of things, such a different experience to be on the receiving end. It brought tears to my eyes each week.  We all need a tribe. I'm thankful for mine. If you don't have a tribe, share a little kindness and one will form. There are so many out there who could use a little love. 

This baby...

The amount of toting around this baby experiences with the here/there/everywhere that comes along with having big siblings is quite a bit. We were gone nearly 10 hours today and she just goes with the flow. She loves everyone and goodness, we love her so. Thankful for tomorrow, it's a home sweet home day to really soak up these baby snuggles.  Oh, and that strawberry outfit? That was mine my own mom put on me. Although 1995 was the last time I hugged my mom, I am quite confident my infant days were filled with oodles of snuggles from my mom. Putting an outfit on my baby that she saved feels like getting a hug from my mom and passing that hug to my baby.  For that, I'm thankful.


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