Flower Challenge Cont.

We made a point to share flowers regularly this summer.  We always have flowers on our table, but this year we're trying to put them on other people's tables. Still going strong!  We've shared more this year than ever! 


On the way to our camp, Adrian said "Mama, what are we going to do about books when we are on vacation?  I think we will need to get a library card near camp while we are away."

Okay, let's clear some things up. 
1) I brought PLENTY of books with us. 
2) I ordered nearly 30 hours of audio books to bring along with us from our own library.
3) I hit up two library book sales at the bookends of our trip and had boxes of books along with us.
4) My dad has bookshelves of books.
5) My aunts keep us well supplied with books.
6) There are stores where we vacation, so it's not like we cannot buy books. 

Clearly, we have a literature rich lifestyle and do not need to worry where we'll find our next book.

But nevertheless, Adrian worries. 

We're also the type of folks who visit libraries throughout our travels (insert eye roll from my very obliging husband), so Adrian knew we'd be hitting up a library (or truth be told, several).  While I have brought my kids to other libraries close to our camp, I've never brought them to my town library.  It's a fabulous old building that hasn't changed much in decades.  It's also where our 4-H club used to meet.  (And as a bonus they were also having their annual booksale on a date we were there, so we got to go twice!  And a big thank you hug to you who bought me books as a treat, best surprise gift ever!). 

I took a couple shots and honestly, they are some of my favorite shots of the trip, even though not all three kids cooperated when I was trying to bribe them into photos.  They are my favorite photos because they bring back fond memories of my mom bringing me here.  I dressed Anna-Kate in one of the dresses that my mom saved from my childhood and smiled a little broader.  Although my children are able to meet my mom on Earth, they certainly have heard stories and experienced places she brought me.  I treasure these picture and am thankful for all these fond memories to share.


Confession: I have always wanted a fantastic vintage bicycle. When I was a kid, our neighbors Web and Edna used to throw the most fantastic 4th of July party. In fact, it's where I got my idea for our Country Kids party (which we hope to have in Sept, date to be announced).  Web and Edna had a big ol' picnic and old fashioned games. I remember sack races, 3 legged races, egg toss, clothes pin drop and these boards that had two to three pairs of old work boots nailed to them for a pair or a trio to try walking all together on.  And, they had a bicycle built for two. A fantastic vintage one. I remember giving it a whirl with my dad.

Onto this vintage bike. I spotted this beauty and asked how much.  They said "It's taking up too much room, five bucks."  Sold. Somehow crammed it in our Subaru. Rod iron baby seat in the back, I need to get Anna-Kate a helmet.  I also think it needs a bicycle basket in the front.  Until then, the kids and I have been having fun biking in the yard together. Five bucks well spent.
(And look, I'm finally in a picture, thanks Justin!)

Tractor and Engine Show

Our family never misses the Tractor and Engine show. It's sort of like "Thanksgiving".  A day Adrian can give thanks for his forever hobby.


This girl learned how to crochet.  She does so with her fingers.  We ALL have necklaces, bracelets, anklets.  We'll be able to have crocheted garland for every Christmas tree in town. Once this girl gets focused, there's no stopping her.

Sad news...

While we were away, Hop passed away. Audra in particular is saddened by the news, she loved Hop so. 
 Hop first came to us when Audra was just a wee baby.

Hop has really been around as they both have grown.

And Anna-Kate even got to know Hop.

Like a true farm girl, she gets that this is what happens being an animal lover/owner and takes it all in stride.  We're thankful for the years we had with Hop.

Vacation Joy #4

I could watch them play here for hours.  Well, I guess I did watch them play here for hours.  Oh, sweet vacation....

Vacation Joy #3

Fishing.  And catching keepers?  Overrated.  Audra loves the tiny tiny little fish that she can pretend are her children.


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