Tiny tiny chicks

So, here we have it. Year two and our own chicken eggs and chicks hatched out of our own incubator. I sort of get the giggles when I think about all this DIY stuff we've accomplished. As I type this, there are 12 chicks. Maybe more, not sure yet. We've had some loss and I am much less emotional dealing with the loss compared to last year. Folks who do this hatching thing a lot probably would think I'm a bit silly getting emotional about these little chicks, but last year my heart felt heavy when we lost some. This year, I understand more that it's a part of the process.  I don't know if it's good or not so good that I'm at the "it is what it is" point now.  Well, I guess "it is what it is".  I don't think my heart could keep getting into this farming thing without coping a little better with loss.  Anyway, onto the celebration.

Audra is in "tiny tiny" heaven. She'd seriously hold a chick all.day.long. Adrian wants to push them around in his dump truck or tractor, but it's not time for that yet. When my kids aren't holding the chicks, they are watching them. In fact, I got little checked off my to do list since they hatched because with chicks is where we are at. Just the littles and me some of the time and we were lucky to share these chicks with some good friends. 

We're currently at 59 chickens (layers, roosters and chicks), plus we have a broody hen with 11 viable eggs. And then my husband asks if we're collecting eggs for the next round in the incubator.  Goodness, he's got the bug now too. 

Onto the pictures. They mostly are of her, as she's so 'motherly', talking to them, whispering to them, assuring them that all is going to be okay. So stinking cute! Here's our babies, some with overalls and some with beaks and wings. Some clean and fluffy, brand new. Some completely dirty, bumped, scratched and bruised from warm weather fun.  These chicks are well loved already.


If you have a minute in your day today, I'd ask for some thoughts and prayers for my husband's family. Justin lost his dear "Nana" today. We just celebrated her 94th birthday last month.

I have been lucky to love this woman for 11 years. When I think of nana, I think of food. She introduced me to a bunch of new foods, particularly Jewish foods, including matzo ball soup and kugel, as well as her random loves: crab ragoons and Boston marble coffee cake. She'd always eat her meals 15 minutes at least before the hour, which was stressful when ordering Chinese as the restaurant didn't open until 12.  She'd start calling at 11:30, hoping they'd answer before they officially opened. She also loved her dessert.  You'd always find a few milky ways in her secret drawer that wasn't so secret. You'd leave her house a few pounds heavier as she'd feed, feed and feed you. I couldn't arrive at her house empty handed either. She'd see me and get excited about what I might have baked her. Her fave? Homemade donuts. Once I arrived and the first thing she said to me, even before a greeting, was "Good, you brought the donuts! My neighbor doesn't believe you make your own donuts. I'm going to call her right now and have her come over to try one."  She actually made me bring all my donut making supplies once so she could watch me make them. She never knew anyone who could make donuts! We always left her house with random stuff too. She had a tendency to give oodles to random charities and such charities would send gifts....like mounds of notepads, greeting cards and slipper socks. She hated throwing things away. Once we received a year's worth of wrapped plastic forks from her take out meals. I also remember spending the night at her house and she'd randomly check on my husband and me in the middle of the night =. She loved our dog Kammie and was super thrilled to have a chance to meet my kids. She loved to give them kisses (and they *mostly* let her!). When we visited, I'd have my kids pack a bag. We'd bring our nursery rhyme books and favorite books and read them all together.  Back in 2007, I made her a quilt. She used that quilt daily ever since. So many special memories, we're so lucky to have known her.



It's sad to say goodbye, but 94 years of age is such a full life. So much to celebrate.  Thankful to have had a chance to get to know her.

Close to mama

My little guy is 4 1/2, going to be 5 in September.  The other day, he said, "Mama, I really want to be close to you. Can I be in the 'roo carrier'?" 

He used to spend a good chunk of his day attached to me. As he's been getting older, his time attached to me has obviously been less and less. Partly because his sister is usually the one I (still) wear, but also because he's busy farming most of his day.  It's rare now that he asks. Each time he does so, I wonder...."Will this be the last time I wear him?" 

Yes, he's older and heavier now, and no, it doesn't hurt me to wear him (I've worked up to it).  Instead, it makes my heart feel so full that his happiest place is still with me. 

I know the day will end soon that he wants to be worn. So, I cherish each and every chance he wants to be my kangaroo.

And just for fun, I pulled a few shots of my little roo growing up close to his mama. I am sure I could sift through the archives and find more....I cannot imagine parenthood without wearing my littles. It's been one of my fave parts.



We have such kind friends, inviting us over for such a special birthday party. Case in point.

Fresh picked.

(How we do memorial day....homemade hamburger buns too, the best: recipe here).


Loving this time of the year!

Switching it up, Living Room

Long story short. It all started at the thrift store. Came home with the report of a potential score. Sent grumbling husband to look. He came back with a large score.  I guess that condensed version is the spoiler.

The back story. Our big couch has a frame that is broken. We dropped thousands on a new furnace. which meant nothing new for couches in the budget. We just had to deal.

I stopped by the thrift store and saw this cute little loveseat couch that was practically new. For $25.  Is it what I'd pick out if it was new? Probably not. Could it work in our space? I thought so.

Although the husband was grumbling when I sent him to look at it, he was thrilled to bring it home. The broken couch is now in the playroom for the kids to jump on and do whatever with and this one is in our new living space. 

Which of course prompted me to change things up. I moved furniture, rugs, the like from other rooms to gather new collections. It's probably not the way things will stay forever (insert husband grumble yet again), but it works for now!
 Here's the corners of the room. It's such a huge room.


 There's a little nook for the rug hooking I started experimenting with.  Well, before the garden took over.
 And a little craft space for my littles. The chair on the left I did the seat. The chair at the desk I just scored a couple days ago for FREE on the side of the road. I do love FREE!
 Fresh lilacs every couple of days, the smell is marvelous.
 And art, by Adrian.
 Bright spring flowers to make this room more cheerful.

A good place to relax. Someday, I'll actually use it for relaxing. I ought to schedule that in.

It does look mighty tempting come nighttime.


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