These pups...they have thirty acres to spread out.  But nope. The go outside and are *ThisClose* the whole time.

They heard me snap the picture, I was afraid I ruined the moment.
Nope. They went right back to hanging right next to each other.
This is how they sleep. I actually woke them when I snapped this, but they are always piled on top of one another or curled up next to one another.

I was totally worried that they might not be pals. Clearly they are BFFs for life.

Mama Made: Flannel Lined Cords x4

A three part story. 

Part 1: Maine has had no snow for the last month.  It's cold out there.  Snowpants are cumbersome when it's cold but you're not in danger of getting wet. Adrian has two pairs of flannel lined carharts.  He loves to wear them on hikes.  Warm and comfortable. 

I decide to make a pair of flannel lined corduroy pants for Anna-Kate.   

She loves them, they are warm, take less time than snowpants to put on and they are easy to run around in.  (She's also wearing a hat my neighbor made, the coat I made, the dress I made, the mittens a friend of a friend made. And she made her necklace.)

Part 2: Audra says "I just love Anna-Kate's pants.  Everyone has flannel lined pants except me."

So she now has a pair of flannel lined corduroys. She loves them because she can just wear them all day and be ready to go outside to play whenever the mood strikes her.

Part 3: Both girls love their new mama made pants, only they aren't just wearing them for outside pants, they are wearing them for all the time wear. After an episode of tears when the flannel lined pants were in the wash, mama took care of that problem with two more pairs for the girls. 

Now Justin claims he wants a pair.  I think a pair for myself would be well loved as well.  I just might need a part 4 to the flannel lined pants story...


Justin's 41st had a theme of three things. Sweets. Lots of food.  Lots of R&R. His favorites. 

The Mama Made Doll, Grace

 I made Grace for Audra on her 4th birthday, in 2016.

Audra loved Grace right away.
Grace went on all sorts of adventures. I even made coordinating outfits for them. 

Fast forward to 2018, Audra came to me and said "Grace is missing and I'm so said."  Organization isn't exactly Audra's forte, so I'm sure I said "She'll turn up, she's probably around here somewhere".  

Grace never did turn up.  Here and there Audra would bring it up how she missed Grace and I commented that I had no idea where she was.  

Fast forward to Christmas 2020, I made Anna-Kate a doll (which I haven't even taken the picture of her yet!).  Audra again was sad she lost Grace  I hugged her and comforted her. 

Then right around New Year's, Audra was up at night, sobbing about how sad she was she lost Grace.  She said "I wish I never left her in the closet when we stayed at that place when we went to Plimoth Plantation."

I replied, "What?  You brought her to Plymouth with us and left her in the closet?  First I ever heard of that story!  Are you sure?  You are?  Okay, we'll let's see if we can find where we stayed and ask them if they can locate her." 

Somehow my husband found the place we stayed at in May of 2018, contacted the owner of the rental and asked her if she found the doll in the attached picture.  The lovely woman said "Yes, she's here.  She's in a different dress, but she's here." 

On Audra's 8 1/2 birthday, she received mail from Massachusetts.  The very doll she lost in 5/2018 she received back 1/2021.  It truly feels like a miracle! 

Grace has had numerous hugs, outfit changes and now always sleeps in Audra's bed. 

Growing Pup!

Someone is growing! Copper is 5 months now. I think he's going to be bigger than Holly.  


 The kids have been generating their own good ideas lately.

Adrian decided to make the jam filled cookies, in tractor form, true to his soul. Found the recipe in one of my magazines. They're stuffed with raspberry rhubarb jam...with the jam we made from our own raspberries and rhubarb. (Fun tidbit, he's wearing the vest I made him).

Audra found a recipe for Johnny Cakes from a cookbook with recipe reproductions from the American Revolution. (Fun tidbit, she's wearing the upcycled sweatervest I made and the pjs I made).

I've been giving Anna-Kate starters and she's been finishing the job.  (Bottom pic she is wearing PJs I made.)

Here I drew the cat ears and she finished the picture.

This one I did the dino head and she did the body, tail, a sun, fire breath, pancake and blueberry snacks, the ground and poop coming out of his butt.
And this was a library craft she took a lot of time doing  She colored both sides with markers and then water colored both sides with markers. And then decided to pick her nose at the exact second I took her pic.

As for me, I have some sewing projects finished and in need of photos. More hobbies will be coming! 


Thrifting used to be a regular part of my life.  Until Covid. I stopped because I feel it is not necessary to keep taking my kids for regular thrifting adventures.  Thankfully I have had a stockpile from past thrifting adventures, so we haven't wanted for anything. For my birthday, my husband pulled into the thrift shop and told me he'd wait with the kids in the car for me to do some thrifting. What a great birthday surprise! 
I got this sweater and another crock for my blue striped crock collection. $8.50 for the pair.

Because I cannot help myself, the rest of the thrifting was for my kids. I bought ahead for each of their birthdays.

For Adrian, I found a brand new pair of LL Bean windpants, a Bible that hasn't even been opened and threw Who Was books (which he enjoys). $5.00
For Audra, I got this skirt (that fits me!), but I will put a couple of darts in it to make it a poofy petticoat.  Plus I got her a Bible that has never been opened, a journal and a vintage brush and mirror set. $10.50. 
For Anna-Kate, I got her a wooden game (that is apparently big money new), three brand new puppets with tags (dragon, Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf), a Lenski book (I love Lenski everything) and a book set in Ogunuit, Maine (local to us).  $7.50. 

Mama Mades and Copper

 Anna-Kate modeling the Christmas base and overlay dresses I made her. I also made those pants for one of her siblings years ago.

And Copper is always right there.
She found the wool crown I made for Adrian's first birthday and has been wearing it.
Audra's wearing her mama made pajamas and reading to Copper. Copper is always in the thick of things. 5 months old, such a good good puppy.  

Dress up

 Rockstars by day, runaway brides by night. I never know what these two are up to, but I always appreciate when it's done in a good costume.


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