Summer plans

I had so much planned for us this weekend. So many options. Festivals, concerts, reenactments, new places to explore, new places to eat.  Truth be told, I was getting overwhelmed with the choices. I didn't know what to pick. I asked my big kids what they remember most about past summers, the highlights, what they like best.  Hopefully their response would help me pick which event is of most interest.

They said "swimming in the ocean and having friends over."

Out of all the 'fancy' things we've done with them, the simple stands out more? (The beach is just a few miles, we go regularly.)

Just like that, I put all my ideas on the back burner. 

There is no need to cram summer with quantity of experiences, for it's the quality that matters most. 

These last summer weekends we've been adding beach trips and having friends over and we've all had a fine time.

I don't need to go above and beyond to create magical experiences for them,  simple can be so much better.


It's HOT in Maine!  Time for haircuts and fun running through the sprinkler.

 Sprinkler fun except for little miss "NO". Ask her if she wants a cookie. NO. But, of course she'd eat the cookie. Ask her if she likes icecream. NO. But, of course she'd devour the ice cream.  Ask her if she wants to play in the sprinkler? NO.  This time she means it. NO WAY is she going near that thing.... I think we need to bring her to calmer and warmer waters!


There are good surprises and REALLY good surprises.  My dad, who lives states away from us, came for a surprise weekend.  We all were so happy!


Four more hand mades. A quarter a piece.

And below, a vintage pyrex for my dad, a clipboard,  new wiffle ball, Thronton Burgess' Blacky the crow, two kids CDs, patterns, two vintage kitchen things, a lunch bag for work. $8.00

Our darling

When Grammy dresses little girls. <3

Zoo 2018

Every year we go to the zoo. And every year they look forward to the goats.  We have goats at home. Regardless, they say "Take my picture with the (not lions, not tigers, not zebras, not the kangaroos) goats."  Can't take the farm out of these kids

 A good day at the zoo, a good day with friends.  Summer memories.


We had two problem trees, one that was dead, cracked and leaning towards the barn and another that was growing on the barn. (Look left of barn). To Adrian's delight, we hired out to get the job done. 

 He was helping, handing sticks to everyone.

 Recall that his 4-H presentation is on felling trees, so he was eager to share that. 
 Anna-Kate just hung out.
 And Audra snuggled the chicks.
 But Adrian didn't miss a beat.  Honestly, I'd think he'd prefer a day like this to a day at Disney.
 I've enjoyed having the woodchips for the garden too.

We have no immediate plans to fell more trees, but Adrian has plenty of plans regarding which tree should be next.


 Twinsies-in matching mama made skirts.

Twinsies with mama made dresses and two home depot aprons.
Twinsies plants, twinsies cats. 

Thinking I need to make time for matching outfits. 


 A pile of completed needleworks, a quarter a piece.

And below, a box of legos,  water shoes, like new Keenes, a box of blank cardstock and envelopes, tape, brand new pack of pencils and construction paper.  $7.00.

Date night

I know some couples are fortunate enough to have access to childcare for regular date nights.

We do not.

But that's okay.

When our kids were small, we'd drive until they fell asleep. Then we'd get takeout and take the backroads, talking all the way while I would pick out my favorite old homes.

We ended up on a date in our backyard watching the sunset with a takeout pizza last week. 

We decided that eating a pizza watching the sunset in our own backyard triumphs a restaurant date tenfold.

So thankful for our home sweet home.

At play

My littles, doing as they do...

Garden 2018 Update 3

Garden 2018 update 1
Update 2
Well, it's planted. And growing.  Most of it pretty well!

I'm doing some novel things this year.  I'm watering. (I didn't do that last with a newborn).  I'm also weeding (I didn't do that last year as a mama of three).

 Grapes are taking over. Raspberries should have been pruned this winter but never got around to it. Garlic is about ready.

 Tried and true tricks for potato bugs? I could use them!

 Green beans
 Glads, dahlias and cosmos
 Flowering tomatoes.

 The planting peppers w/ plastic around it=working as it did last year.
Five years ago,   I said that we ought to plant an orchard b/c we'd be wishing we did five years from when we bought the place.We did. I'm proud of myself actually taking care of then this year.  They are growing!. I found 3 more in the field that look to be relatives of the mama tree, who bears yummy apples.  Cherries ripening are under the net.
 Thankful to be adding homegrowns into our meals daily.

I wish I had more hours in my day, for if I did, I'd be out tending my plant babies.Tell me what's going on in your garden!?


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