Play Kitchen Accessories: Wooden Groceries Part 7

Wooden play groceries.  I wanted them. But I'm too darn cheap to buy them.  So, I collected labels from items we had around the house. I clipped pictures from sales flyers.  I decoupaged those labels on wood scraps and some old blocks.  Instant playfood, and they double as blocks for stacking.  Easy and free!  Go ahead and give them a try!
 And in case you missed the rest of my series on homemade play kitchen supplies, here's the links:

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Part 2: Dish Towels
Part 3: Potholders
Part 4: Felt Veggies
Part 5: Apron
Part 6:Felt Fruits

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe I did't think of this. I have been wanting to buy the Melissa and Doug ones for a few years but now I will just make my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. brilliant! I run a small preschool, this is perfect! It works for restaurant/store/ice cream stand!



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