New Baby


Left for a physics class and to drop off a pile of cat mats I made for the cat rescue.  Came back to this calf! Hereford/Highlander cross. 

(And Princess Penelope likes to be front and center.)

Science Experiment Extravaganza Take 3

 The third in the series, Science Experiment Extravaganza. It's one of my fave activities.  Each kid brings an experiment to show the others.  I love seeing what they come up with.

Chicken Bags

 I made some over the shoulder chicken bags for a chicken lover.  Got a little carried away and made more than pictured here.  I'm ahead for birthday gifts and I guess they can be for sale too.  Maybe someday I'll get my etsy back up and running. I love making things that aren't mending! 

Favorite things

Rainbows Sunsets

Out and in.

These are a few of my favorite things. 

Newborn days

 Let's be honest, a kitten is like having a newborn! I underestimated the amount of energy this would be, for sure.  I don't like to step away from the blog, but I somehow did and didn't realize.  So I will bring you a medley of a few of the non chaotic moments around here.


 We have always schooled year round, for multiple reasons.  1: I aim for education to be a lifestyle.  2: Flexibility the rest of the year. 3: Nature study, particularly because we live in a coastal town.  So much happens over summer in the wide outdoors, we don't want to miss it.  

Below are the girls collecting Hermit crabs and other treasures.  We are always learning about something new in these salty waters.

Another Kitty

I had no plans of adding any more animals, but here I am with a new foster kitty.  Marley came to us as a shy girl, sort of scared. 

Within the day, feeling much better.
And we still have the one we're calling Motor.  Motor has been getting his learn on.

This is the LAST animal post for a while.  I hope.  The whole family is enjoying the foster kitty journey so far. 

Fostering Kittens

 And so we are diving into new things again.  Our local shelter has many, many kittens.  We decided to foster some kitties to help. Bracing ourselves for the highs and lows. 

Rug Hooking

We drove to Scarborough to take a rug hooking class.  The girls and I all gave it a whirl. Audra is hooked. 


On the way back, we stopped at a place that happened to have a vending machine from my childhood.  Anna-Kate bought Cheez-its with her own money, for fifty cents.  


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