Mama Made: Her new doll

Not that she needs one more doll, but it's only so long that she'll be into dolls. I just had to make her another one.

This one? She loves. She was so surprised and told me it's her favorite doll ever.

Meet Grace, Audra Grace's new 4th birthday doll.

 I wasn't the only one with surprises.  On his own, Adrian decided to do a really hard thing. He gifted her his fave John Deere shirt and his fave working boots....both are too small for him  Instead of keeping them forever, he decided she could use them. Such a hard, generous thing to do.

More to come, these are all the pics I got through tonight.

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet brother. She will be lovin' the stuffing out of that doll! Great job, Momma!



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