Mother's Day Recap

Mother's Day for me was a different one.  For the first time in my parenthood journey, I wasn't the one up with the kids, not the one to make breakfast and not the one to tend the animals. My kids insisted they serve me and they forced their dad out of bed to help! I started the say being served!

Then the rest of the day was a day of serving.  I teach 1st and 2nd grade at our church.  I had the kids there make "Happy Mother's Day" tags.  Then a generous local connection found out that we were in the habit of delivering flowers over summer to nursing homes and she welcomed us to pick her daffodils.  We took a small amount of what she had and had enough for THREE different nursing homes! Did you know that many nursing homes keep a cabinet of empty flower vases and many love it when folks swing in and fill those vases?  It's so nice to go from an empty dining room to leaving with a fresh bouquet on each table! Nothing beats the smiles from the residents. Such a quick and fun service project! 

 I am not a fan of this pic of myself, but am posting it anyway because the flowers and children both made my mother's day spectacular !

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