Ferry there and back...

Well, it's been exactly three weeks from taking the ferry to and from. I took the month of August off of work and spent it thus far on the St. Lawrence River with family, most just the kids and me, sans husband.  We are now back, all together.  We have sleeping children, an exhausted dog, happy (and talkative) husband, purring cats, EGGS, a VERY overgrown garden and a farmhouse that clearly cannot talk, but I'm pretty sure it's saying "I'm glad you are all back in Maine, this house and property are much happier filled with children."  This month has given me a full camera card and a full heart. Thanks to my husband for working hard so we could vacation, for my dad for bringing us back and all my family who made the between days wonderful. We love Northern NY, but are happy to be back in Maine. Fair warning...days ahead I have pictures to come!

1 comment:

  1. So glad you had some time off. No doubt the kids will have great memories!



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