Fall Weekends

I am flying high after a really great weekend.  Know those things that never seem to get checked off the list? Well, this weekend we tackled so many and even had some friends come help with the big one...removing the screens from the porch and putting up the walls and windows (thank you!)!!

Mornings are all frosty, we're cuddled up by the woodstove regularly. I keep making a huge mess trying to use up all this garden fresh produce that was saved from the frost. We still have lots of peppers, tomatoes, apples, squash, pumpkins that are not used or tucked away yet. 

I'm still not done planting yet.  Time is ticking. Got the garlic in today and also planted some parsnips and cilantro.  I don't know where all my cilantro went, I used to have an abundance. Hoping to bring it back. I have found that this is the best time of year to plant parsnips. They start growing as the ground is thawing!  100% of this garlic I planted, I grew last year.  I have plenty in the pantry to hopefully last us the year.  The parsnip and cilantro seeds are also saved from previous years.  My library card catalog is filled with seeds. I still have piles on the counter to sort and file away too.

I dug the rest of my annual bulbs (dahilas, glads, canna).  I need to do this earlier because I am wheeling them in the garage overnight and back out to fresh air to dry out for winter storage. Not working smarter, definitely harder. I did plant the 200 bulbs I got for spring. 

I have a few more perennials I was hoping to move. I have barely put my perennials to bed, I still have cranberries to plant and a few more strawberries I hope to pop in. They may or may not take, it's an experiment.  I am trying to get some of the rhizomes of the quackgrass weeds, those are so invasive. I also have two loads of woodchips I'd like to get spread. So much to do.
I am thrilled to be calling my clan w/ the dinner bell that is back up and working (Thank you Justin!). 

Tonight I served homegrown applecrisp, cooked in the woodstove for dinner. Yes, dinner.  No one complained. 
All in all, it was a great weekend to be a homesteader! 

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