It has been a week.  We're still not finished fixing the dangerous kitchen hood fan (although it's not dangerous now) and then the dishwasher is now broken. Then our family vehicle needed a tow and we'll likely not get that back for another couple of weeks at least.  I'm thankful that I can drop my husband off of work and pick him up so we can get the places we need to get to...even though that means getting him there long before the sun rises.  If being scattered earned trophies, I'd be a champion. 

But the good. Let's talk about that. I had planned a 3 day sewing workshop and even though the storm made it a 2 day series instead of a 3 day series, we had great participation (15 kids) and my kids each finished multiple projects. 

This one was more interested in being a goof than sewing. (I swiped the pic from a friend, thank you!)
It was extra special that Nam (our neighbor) came and helped Anna-Kate for her first sewing workshop. She did the same with Audra years ago. 
The eager 4-H kids are hoping more sewing is on the horizon.  I suspect it will be! 

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