I would not be my dad's daughter if I passed up freebees.  In one week, we ended up with....

A van full of a roadside maple. 

A van full of roadside pine. Snap crackle pop campfires coming up! 

And then at someone's home with my shovel, digging up this giant free azalea and all the runners around it. 

This prompted me to dig up the last big burning bush. I know it looks like it's not *that* big, but it's because I kept trimming it. The base was quite huge. There was one bigger that I got earlier in the week too. Along the whole right side behind Audra below used to be barberry that I removed by hand.  I have officially gone around the perimeter of the house and the rock wall along the road and removed invasives.  SO MUCH work. Ten years of gradually chipping away.  

No more burning bush, now there's a bloomed azalea all mulched up and looking pretty. And my Holly helper. She's much quieter than my other helpers.

What's next in the land of roadside gems.  Time will tell! 

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