Nearly 2 decades ago we moved to a town where we knew no one.  How is one to meet people? Hard, unless you're the bar going type (which I'm not). I'm more a definitely not driving after dark-pajamas by 6pm-DIY-raise it-grow it-dig in the dirt type.  I had a vision of a little group of women with similar interests helping one another out. A certain naysayer asserted that there were not others like me around these parts.  Pft. Didn't believe that for a minute. Fast forward to 2024, we have a thriving Modern Day Homemaker club built of women with similar interests.  We have a thriving calendar for 2024, which we started with the fabulous Rachel showing us her sour dough ways (thank you!). I did sour dough when I was not yet married and have been keeping starter going for the last year and a half. I've done a lot of things with sour dough, but I'd still call myself a beginner. I aim for 2024 to graduate myself from a beginner with sour dough to a novice.  I smell my starter growing now.  I'm planning for baked goodness this week!  And psst... If you're local and want to join, you can!  Do you wish you had a group like ours in your area?  Start it!  It's totally worth it.

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