Pantry Progress

 For 10 years, I've been meaning to get to this pantry.  I wish I took 'before' photos.  It was yellowed paint that was foxing and carpeted. I had plastic blue shelves and it was a big dumping ground. Fresh paint, red old floors, back to square one.  I am super thrilled with the progress thus far.  We still need to fix the light and I want to add shelves over the vintage hooks. I didn't purchase anything to other than the inexpensive shelves for this project.  Just shopped around my house. I may purchase something at some point, but I guess I'm going with eclectic vintage farmhouse.

So much more functional now though.

And while I'm add it, the last space I redid that is much more functional than it was.  

Someday I hope to have my vintage kitchen sink installed, new kitchen floors and new countertops.  Each year it is a bit more 'us' than it was the year prior. I love this home. 

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