Punkinfiddle 2017

Punkinfiddle, another year of celebrating the estuaries and makers of great things. Animals, handcrafts, vegetable carvings, awesome food, music, etc. This just happened to be the coldest day in all of fall thus far. And rainy too. Adrian was mostly hoping for the sheep herding demonstration.  Last year there were so many people that he couldn't hardly hear the presenter. This year, not only was he front and center, but he also lasted the longest out of anyone (there were many more people before I started taking pics). Even shot the breeze with the shepherd afterwards. That kid...

 Audra was cold.
 And Anna-Kate content.

 Audra spent well over an hour crafting.

 All in all, a great day.
 Although I definitely could have lived without this creepy scarecrow they made there, who is now sitting on our porch steps...  Life with kids.

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