Winter in this Farmhouse

Half the year we live out on the screen porch and our living room is forgotten.  There's nothing like summer nights on that screen porch.  While this fall has been summer like in temps, before long, I'm confident it will feel like fall.  On an excellent windy, clothes drying day, I washed all the curtains, vacuumed the cobwebs, dusted, arranged a new mantle set up, brought plants in, put away an array of the vintage books in those old bookshelves, had the fireplace inspected for winter use and got it ready for the next season. My eclectic, thrifted and homemade living room that's probably not like anyone else's. It's cozy in just the way that feels like me. Fall, we're ready anytime!



  1. Looks cozy and inviting to me!!! Love the new mantle set up!

  2. Love those pitchers and stoneware. That photo of the kiddos is adorable. Looks like a wonderful place to spend time reading, dreaming, drinking lots of hot cocoa, or doing just about anything else! Nice work, Momma!



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