Christmas 2018 Recap

 The night before above, the morning of below.
 This little girl...SO much fun was Christmas with her!!!
 I think Grammy and Grampy (not pictured, as they are in sunny Florida. This is my wonderful neighbor pictured here.) hit it out of the park for Anna-Kate. First, they gave her a broom and she spent quite a bit of time sweeping.  BUT THEN.  COOKIES!   Just look at her face!

 She said loudly, COOKIES!! OHHHHHHHH!
 And the other hit is always the random stuff our kids get us.  We go to two holiday sales where everything is $2.00 and less and I give the kids a few dollars in quarters. It's always quite a surprise what they get, as they can check out on their own without us knowing.  It's always full of thought and unique.  I got bookends from Adrian and a miniature nativity scene and a book on gardening from Audra.

Justin got a cheese slicer from Adrian, so he can cut the cheese, or course. Justin does like snacking. 
 He also got this button he made for him. It has a John Deere tractor he drew in it. And a mug with a train on it.  I suppose Justin must have been dreaming about a mug from Seattle, Washington, lol.
 From Audra, Justin got the sweatshirt he's wearing, a spatula/flipper thingy (??), a santa lollipop and a picture Audra drew of her heart.
 They are so good at getting each other gifts too, and they spend most of their money on each other! Audra got Adrian tractors, an airplane, miniature soldiers, books he'd like, camouflage shirt, an orange hunting sweatshirt.  Adrian gave Audra a ceramic horse, Jan Brett books she didn't have, a Northface coat and a sheriff badge (???).  Anna-Kate got snacks, books, a pretty dress and babies from them...which is right on.

The "after"

And Audra writing recipes in the middle of the chaos.
 Here's there loot.  They are so fortunate to have grandparents and family friends who know them so well and get gifts they truly love.

 She's still holding on to her cookies!
Very thankful for a wonderful Christmas day.

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