Mama Made: Christmas Pajamas x 3!

I feel like this post ought to have a drumroll...because I'm not hemming on Christmas Eve.  A friend had a sewing gathering (Thank you Erin!) and it got me kick started into sewing those Christmas pajamas.

I also came to the realization that my big kids are 6 and 8. They are still very enthusiastic about anything I make and they wear what I make too.  I had this momentary panic that these days could be short lived. It gave me motivation to put in a little more effort to make individual pieces how they'd like them best. 

Here are the coordinating sets:
 Close up
 Adrian likes big pajama pants and tractors, go figure.
 Audra loves old fashioned nightgowns and bloomers, go figure.
 Anna-Kate always wants the opposite of what we have chosen for her, so dressing her can be comparable to an Olympic event. So, I just made something that we can hopefully get on her quickly.
 Now they are all hung and ready for Christmas eve!

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