Signs of Spring

Nevermind the fact it was snowing this morning...spring is springing 'round these parts. Know how I know for sure?  Because Audra's favorite snack is green onions...and she regularly smells like a sub lately.  And the girls are laying. And our seedlings are growing. And our incubator is full. And the big kids are watering the lawn barefoot (at 40 degrees).  And because the red winged blackbirds are singing to us at dusk and the robins are visiting us in the morning. The snowbanks are disappearing. Perennials are poking up. There's mud in my kitchen. The trees are budding. That's how we know spring is on the way, even though it snowed today.

1 comment:

  1. And this year, there's one more gardener on the homestead! Whoooop-eeee!



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