Literary Lessons

It has been too many days since I have blogged and I don't like that one bit.  This space here helps me organize my thoughts so I am focusing on the good and not letting the negative sneak in and overwhelm my brain. 

Well, this last week felt overwhelming.  In fact, my Audra said to me, "Mama, when daddy was at work and Anna-Kate and I kept throwing up all night, you seem overwhelmed."  Yes, indeed.  I did feel mighty overwhelmed.  I think I changed sheets 7x between the two beds in 2 hours.  And that's while I was still packing and prepping for our first day of spring semester at our homeschool co-op. And of course that was one of many time sensitive hats I was juggling on 3 1/2 hours of sleep. 

You know the books Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina? This past week I felt like the peddler with all those caps, with many monkeys keeping me off course but never with the opportunity to fully rest and lose these hats that I've been working so hard to wear.  It's been like all my hats have been teetering to and fro and I'm in a constant state of trying to catch them.

The good part about this past week is that reading to my kids and reading to myself were still accomplished.  Those books? Well, they spoke right to my soul.

In our family read aloud, this quote popped up. "We cannot expect to keep our children forever.  Motherhood has great joys, but great sorrows too. We must accept things as they are." -Flossie and Bossie by Eva Le Gallienne.

Goodness, didn't that quote right there start to turn my mind around.  Sure, moments were stressful, but the joy far surpasses the sorrows.  My brain and calendar are clogged with good things I want to be doing. I was mostly home the whole time my children were sick and when I wasn't, my husband was caring for them. I never worry when he cares for them, he's such a good dad. The fire is warm, the books are aplenty and there's always a pet ready to snuggle.  And the list goes on...

That wee bit of text from a children's book reminded me that even when the road gets rocky that an accepting heart calms the internal dialogue.

Literary teachings didn't stop there.

Today the book that I just finished reading had this text: "And me? I just sit there, smile, my heart so full I think I'll burst, knowing what a lucky girl I am." -Penny From Heaven" by Jennifer Holm

How can I not read that quote and think about how my cup overflowth?!   Husband. Three kids. Living in my dream home. Homeschooling mama. Pets a plenty. And the list goes on...

Remembering the thick split pea fog of one whopper of a week, looking back...what I see is joy for all I have.

After that joy filled my heart, I grabbed my camera and took a few pics of the 'right now' of "Livin' Lipsky".  We had a market set up with any delicious food we could want for free. At the same time we had a live art show. Plus the sizzle on the woodstove of 'easy and cheaper than take out' Chinese food (thank you Birdseye frozen veggies) We also had a little girl sweeping the floor in her tap shoes.  Tap. Tap. Tap.  Swish. Swish. Swish. Smile. Cheesy face! Life is good. Really good.

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  1. Oh, those times are SO hard! Kudos to you for focusing on the positive. Books will get you through most anything.
    Hoping all are on the mend. Continued blessings...



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