Valentine's Recap

I'm behind again on blogging.  Recapping our Valentine's Day and the days sandwiched around it...pretty darn fabulous.  I have always loved Valentine's Day, not as a romantic holiday, but as a day to express friendship and love to others.  This year we made a lot of Valentines.  And our homeschooled friends did too.  We mailed a pack of Valentines to the folks who receive Meals on Wheels, we (along with three other families) delivered packets of cards to four local nursing homes and we delivered homemade play doh to the two schools in our county that educate kids with special needs. Then I brought my kids to buy Lunchables (which they always wanted, but then decided that they looked gross and would rather have the hot corn chowder for sale in the front of the grocery store...parenting win!). Then we celebrated by going swimming at the pool we have a winter membership to.  We were the only ones making a splash.  Proud to say that it was a day that was less focused on what we get out of the day and more of giving. May the tradition of Valentine's giving continue...

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  1. Love your focus! It's all about the giving. Your kids really have a fantastic set of parents.



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