When they have a sale on books and I get these...3 for $1.00.  Twist my arm.
 Add brand new boots for Audra, a half dozen transferware plates, a vintage wool plaid shirt for Adrian and some fabric.  $6.50 total.
 And more keeps coming.  A brand new potty seat, three brand new change purses (helping the Easter Bunny out), plus someone dumped their smartwool collection (fifty cents a pair! one for everyone in the family!), plus a wooden figure set. $5.50. 
(For the locals, these were two different thrift stores separate from my favorite one. Haven't been to my typical one in a bit, on the to do list this week!)


  1. Wow, great score! I love smart wool socks, get mine from Costco, last forever!

  2. C.W. Anderson horse books are great! I wrote a fan letter as a kid and got a letter back from the author. Great kids stories and love the art work.



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