I have been a broken record talking about our extended summer vacation at camp, I know.  Even though we've been back for well over a week, my house does not look like it ought to and my gardens are mighty weedy. I have piles of books everywhere, big bowls of tomatoes that need to be processed and still things I have yet to have unpacked from my trip. I have coops that need to be cleaned and goats who keep getting out.  I have a mile line to do list and made hardly any progress.  I have kids who are not yet into their sleeping groove who have me up all hours of the night. I REALLY want to get into my morning solo walk routine again, but no one has been sleeping. I had visions of what I wanted to accomplish upon my return and I haven't even done anything close to what I set out to do.  And then today, in case I hadn't had enough on my to do list, our stovetop sparked and shot flames.  I did not plan on stove shopping and I didn't plan on being sans an oven/stovetop for the next four weeks. (And did I mention I had also given up our toaster and the microwave earlier in the year?!). It feels like a curveball headed my way in a game of baseball I didn't even sign up to play.

It's so easy to get lost in the forest of self doubt. It's hard to shake those feelings of being inadequate.  It's hard for me to give myself grace.

And that's what my pictures are for. To remind me that even though I am not measuring up to my own ridiculous expectations, in their eyes, I'm doing more than enough.

With a new school year starting for many, let us ponder all that we have accomplished instead of that which we did not.  Let us look at the faces of our loved ones and be thankful for all we have.

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