Ups and Downs

Four and a half hours of sleep. Why are my kids not sleeping?
What smells? Did half the bowl of those tomatoes rot before I got to them?
No oven. No stove. Stuff I planned on canning.  The hungry hippos I live with want to eat. Constantly.
One of my littles so very sick, do I take him to urgent care?
Why does this always happen when I'm home alone?
How did those stupid goats get out this time?
Ugh. Dead chicken. Baby on the back, shovel in hand. No rest for the weary.

Did you know you can make chocolate zucchini cake in the crockpot?
A good neighbor and a good friend volunteered to help if needed.
Line dried sheets.
Successful day as teacher to my new Sunday School class of 14.
Audio books.
Fresh flowers on the table.
Home grown elderberry syrup.
All three kiddos randomly wearing different mama mades at the same time.
Grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup.
Gorgeous sunset.
Date with my sewing machine.
Husband just messaged he's on his way home from work.
Did I mention chocolate zucchini cake?

You see, things are already starting to turn around.

Live on this homestead with all these littles certainly has it's ups and downs...but the good prevails. Always.

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