My Valentines 2/14/2020

 Valentine's day this year was a good, good day, one that I want to freeze and remember for it reflects how much joy motherhood brings me.  Sadly, we didn't get to see my husband that day, but we did have a fun filled and packed day.  We started the day with chocolates from mama.  Then from homeschool co-op to library ,to the pool, to the ocean for read alouds and an 'in the car dinner picnic', to a visit with our neighbors, we were busy.  So cold but such a good day.  Big kids went outside at the beach.  Anna-Kate said she's not doing that (she meant she was not going outside.).
 The ocean was so cold, so empty and so beautiful. Thankful for my kindle with books on the ready. On the 3rd in  Nesbit's Psammead Trilogy, loving each one.  They won't always want to spend their Valentine's Day with me, but they do now. For that I'm thankful. .  

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