Nighttime reads

As I tucked my kids into bed the other night and they snuggled into their independent reading routines, I just stopped and realized how beautiful this time in my life is.  Because of our schedules, I don't have my husband here at night and it has been my responsibility alone to put the kids to bed for their entire lives.  There are certain parts of our day that are frantic, but for the most part, we have built bedtime to not be one of those frantic times.  We first huddle into my bed for family read alouds and then they retreat into their own beds for their own quiet reading.  It's relaxing. Peaceful. The part of the day we all look forward to.  In fact, my bigs are unwilling to give up our evening routine, even for fun endeavors.

Much of my brain space is all too often occupied by that which I ought to do or frustrations of not completing what I ought to have done.  I am my own worst critic and I do not go easy on myself.  Sometimes my exhausting self talk captures all my brain space and I forget to see what is good right in front of my nose. Today I am aiming to hit mute on all that internal chatter and look to see what is right, instead of what is all wrong.

This is what's good. This is what's right. This is what I'm thankful for.

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