Our Girl Holly.


I've been less regular with blogging lately. Truth be told, this phase of life has brought parenting struggles that have me struggling with all areas of my life. Blogging always helps me see the forest from the trees, for that I'm thankful.  Today I'm appreciating our Holly girl.In the midst of chaos, our Holly has been at the ready as a steady comfort for each kid whenever they need snuggles, a reprieve, a celebration, anything.  She spends lots of time in the rock garden area. She watches everything, always accepting of whatever affection comes her way. These pictures span over the course of the last month. They are only the moments I had my camera at the ready.  There are several more that I missed each week.  We sure do love our Holly girl.

Meanwhile, in other areas of our life, we also have Copper. Copper brings an entirely different vibe, lol!  He'll turn out to be a great dog, once he gets all this puppy out of him!

Also thankful for my Adrian, with a note to pick me up just when I needed it the most.

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