Papermaking Recap

Before the pandemic, Adrian asked to host a papermaking class. He taught papermaking at 4-H ages ago and had so much fun, he wanted to teach it to other people. I just didn't get around to making that happen in a timely manner and then the pandemic. School vacation week this year, I decided to work on making it happen. 

I advertised and we ended up with a full house signed up for 3 rounds of classes! 
Each kid had a table to run. They helped gather the supplies and set it up. I tried to keep back so it was them teaching, not me.
They did a really great job. And they definitely cleaned it all up!  

Well, all but this one helped....She was (mostly) good. 

I should have taken more pictures.  The kids definitely had fun.  Adrian has big plans to offer more classes during the next school vacation.  I guess creating with the Lipskys will be happening more often! Many thanks to all the participants who signed up and supported their idea!

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