4-H Summer Learning 2021

 I cannot even begin to adequately express how awesome 4-H is in Maine over the summer.  We have had a steady stream of 5-7 online classes a week for the month of July.  Pretty much our July has been taken up by 4-H, and we're nothing but thrilled. We've had a cardboard challenge, three workshops on wind power, two workshops on growing microgreens, a workshop on ponds and rivers, a magic show, a class on bees, hornets and wasps, meetings on our aquarium and on fish behavior, two workshops on abstract art,  two chicken workshops, three traveling around the world with workshops with teens from other countries, exploring nature patterns, creating natureart, boat building, workshops on healthy foods...and I may be missing some. That's just July.  Here are a few of the highlights.  They are 3rd generations 4-Hers and I am very proud!

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