Ups and Downs

 In life, there are ups and downs. Some days feel like they are going well and some days it feels like anything but. The patch right now does not get an A+. In fact, I think the grade is not even passing.  I remember the fear I had when I was little at the hunting camp with my cousins, the fear that the sandy part of the stream would turn into quicksand and suck me in.  I always though the quicksand would be something that could literally happen anytime. It's more the figurative quicksand that has been getting me, like the quicksand of parenting and life. 

The other day I went to buckle Anna-Kate in the car seat and then ran back to lock the house door. As I came to the house, I noticed the doors were WIDE open. Both of the doors swaying in the wind.  Inside relaxing were my two dogs.  They could have easily have had a jolly frolic, a dig in the mud, a roll in some dung, a lively game of 'you can't find me!'.  But, they did not. They just sat there and made good choices. I was so happy, I cried, took their picture and gave them a treat.  

Thankful for those little blessings that pop up when I least expect it.  

May this weekend be the recharge we could all really use.

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