Winter rhythm

Our family has a tendency to sink into steady and comfortable seasonal outdoor rhythms.  Spring we spend much of our time gardening. Summer we swim most everyday, usually at the ocean. Fall lends way to lots of hikes.  Winter is the wildcard.  Sometimes the weather is just so that we cross country ski, sometimes snowshoeing, sometimes sledding, sometimes hiking and sometimes ice skating. It just depends on what the winter has thrown us.  As of late, ice skating.

While these pictures are from last week, they were the same today and likely will be the same tomorrow. And likely days ahead.  Not necessarily everyday, but regular visits to steady our week. 

Oh, and oceanside readings? We don't wait for a season for that. Almost every week includes seaside readings year round, except when we trade the salty waves for the freshwaters of the St. Lawrence River come summer. 

I spy a handmade coat (Audra) and flannel lined pants (Anna-Kate).

Oh, and also...Anna-Kate finds a way to get a ride. That doesn't seem to change with the seasons either...

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