Adrian is 12!


Happy 12 years to Adrian! 



9 1/2

Adrian, now you are 12!  You are such a steady and dependable presence in our family. 

I will share how you go about your day. 

You wake up and do all the things you're supposed to do and things you decided that you just will do.  Make bed. Tidy room. Wash glasses. Get dressed. Brush teeth. Take care of animals. Find another chore that needs to be done.  ALLLLLLL that is done and I don't tell you a thing.

Then you go about your day.  Drawing. Painting. Riding bikes, swimming or hiking.  X country ski or ice skating in winter. Making dioramas.  Learning about trucks.  Waving at trucks and getting them to beep to you. You do all that with gusto until you are called to eat a ginormous amount of food and then claim that you are still hungry two seconds later. 

You love listening to me read and have been getting a bit more into reading yourself. But, you only read to yourself during the appointed times.  Afternoon quiet independent reading for 20 minutes (you set your watch). And bed time reading. I should mention your evening routine.  Pajamas, clothes in laundry, brush teeth, turn back covers, devotions and reading.  Like clockwork. It's glorious. 

While you still love your mama and plan to live with me for always, you are also seeking out time with dad more. You enjoy people of all ages and have no problem striking up conversation with anyone.  You are an introvert though, and need time alone to recharge (which is hard to get with two sisters who never want to be alone). 

All in all, you'd say that your life is pretty grand, but would be better if you didn't have to do math.

I am proud of your heart and how you desired to be a good friend to all. I'm impressed by your close attention to detail. Thankful for your dependability. Thankful to have another day, God willing another year and more with you! 

Happy birthday my 12 year old!  

Love, Mama

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