I just don't know where the time went this weekend.  Flew solo, my husband was working all weekend. The weekend had flowers, all over flowers and a cut flower sale. Gardening. Service projects x3. Thrifting adventures x2 (including a like new underarmour winter coat for Adrian for $10, originally $75! and BOG boots for Audra for $8.50). Lots of time organizing and cleaning, although progress appears minimal. It always feels like I'm treading water, barely staying afloat with housework. Errands. Church. I also read to my kids and spent time with each one.  (Mostly) ready to tackle Monday! 

(Audra did my hair while I was reading. We are loving Henry Reed, Inc.) 
This space is in our woodshed. In the 10 years that we've been here, it has never been cleaned out or used properly.  We had big barrels for our recycling and a big mess. I cleaned it up and we now have hooks for backpacks and shelves have things I need each week for the things I'm leading/teaching (4-H club bag, Nature class bag, Co-op gym class bag). It will get these random packed bags out of the kitchen, yay! 
And this one wants to be on my back again. My favorite place to have her. 

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