I've always been and always will be a library junkie.  I just love libraries.  We have a really neat  library system in Maine that our library card provides us borrowing privileges to oodles of libraries throughout the state. We can walk in and borrow from a whole list of libraries, returning whatever we borrow at our home library.  We love to try out different libraries and borrow from different libraries.  Did I mention that when we travel to our camp, I absolutely have a library card there, too?  I also love library programming and we bounce around to those programs too.

One of my faves is the yarn and fabric swap. I try never to miss this event.  I love this old library.  The right two shelves have many vintage Maine authored books. 

At our home library, my kids got to participate in the Drum and Fife historical program. 
And here they each submitted a poem they wrote on the "PoeTree"
If you've not been to your library lately, make a point to visit soon!

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