Anna-Kate Turns SIX!

Anna-Kate turns SIX! 

 Five and a HALF! 


Four and a HALF


 three and a HALF.

Anna-Kate, you are SIX! 

What a six year old you are.  

First and foremost, you talk, talk, talk and talk some more. And when you're done talking. You talk a little more.  You also get into everything still. You cannot help but to touch everything, wherever we go. 

You are amazing at regulating yourself, which is usually through books or play. You'll say, "I think I need to do some quiet independent reading" and you'll be off to read to yourself (aloud, always aloud). Or you'll decide you'll go play by yourself, talking to yourself the whole time.  You are most imaginative and can entertain yourself beautifully. 

You've become a bit of a fashionista as of late. Some of your combos are unique.  You've been enjoying wearing belts over your dresses to cinch your waist. Sometimes there are lots of hair bows required.  An 'underbrella'? Absolutely necessary. Scarves tied up on your head, you need a half dozen.  You'd prefer being barefoot outside (snow, rain, big deal).

You're a pretty good eater and always tidy your place setting up on your own, without being asked. You do tidy up your toys in a an inconspicuous corner for me to find later. 

Birthday menu this year: Chicken on the bone, ants on the log, canned peaches and prinkles (pringles).  Coconut cake for dessert.  It's quite the combo.

Although your favorite exercise would be none, you have become an independent swimmer over the last couple of months.  You really got to zipping around on ice skates and you've become Ms. Slow and Steady on cross country skis.  We're hoping this is the year that you decide to do a little pedaling on the bike (you'd prefer to be pushed or pulled on wheels).  You'd prefer to read, do math or label flowers. 

You have lots of things planned.  Like you're going to live with me and we're going to flower garden together and bubba (Adrian) will be your boyfriend.  Your brother got a kick out of that.

Out of my three kids, you're the one who has had me around the most and you miss me if we're apart for a couple of hours. You're the grand finale I begged for and the cherry on top of the sundae.  I love you more than ice cream, my sweet girl!  

Love, Mama

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