Magic Show Recap

 I'm just so darn proud of a great group of kids.  We met and I introduced some magic tricks to the kids and taught them how to perform them.  We coordinated and intro and a final song.  We practiced, had a dress rehearsal. Then the kids performed at 2 nursing homes and 2 special needs schools. We wrapped it up with a friends and family performance (and I was gifted a marvelous gift pack, thank you! Some of the handmades pictured below).  We wrapped it up with a celebratory trip to the Maine Diner.  We never go out to a sit down meal, Anna-Kate tried to clear her own plate. Sweet memories...

Five shows and I didn't get any pics of Adrian doing his money tricks. 

Audra did the knotted scarf trick and a couple of appearing balls tricks.

Anna-Kate did the tricky rings.


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