Homemaker Love

 Years ago I started an Extension Homemaker group, envisioning that there were more crazy homemaker/homesteaders like me who wanted to be a community.  I'm not going to lie, it was NOT an easy thing to start.  BUT, years and years later, it was 100% worth it!  We have an amazing community of women helping women. We share our seeds, plants and produce. We help one another, we support and encourage one another.  We do monthly classes, teaching each other. We also have work days helping each other. Here's a pic of our stone soup meeting.  Everyone contributed things they grew and we combined it into a soup.  SO GOOD.

 Because I'm the best at helping and the worst at asking for help, I was reminded several times that I needed to schedule a work meeting at my house. Finally did and am thankful for the help I had mulching my ridiculously large for a family of 5 orchard. 

This was my before Thanksgiving garden list. With homemaker help, the only thing left was digging potatoes.

Which we did today.  Now although I hurt my shoulder and can barely move my arm, I am smiling because my before Thanksgiving garden list is DONE.

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