The Story of the Hydrangeas

 Last year there was an ad on facebook marketplace for free 'you dig' hydrangeas.  I went, I dug and I pulled out a chunk of gardens and added them. I had visions for more.  One year later, there's a different facebook ad for hydrangeas. I decided to bring Adrian.  Adrian is NOT into my gardening ideas, but I told him he didn't want to send me to a creepy stranger's alone.  He groaned, but came. When we arrived, he said "NO. Mom.  We are not doing this."  It was HUGE.  I was thrilled!!  It took a looooong time, but I dug it up.  With him watching (because he foolishly wore crocs) and telling me I was ridiculous. BUT I DID IT.  And then I remembered I just had our little subaru.  BUT I WAS LEAVING NOTHING BEHIND. Long story short, I got them all in what will eventually be a hedge of hydrangeas and I'm so happy! 


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