Another year around the sun

 Another year around the sun for me.  43, and I can't help but to think/grieve what my mom's life was like at the same age I was.  Her days were numbered and she was fully confined to a wheelchair at age 43. Sometimes I get really sad when my age parallels those memories and other times I feel really thankful that I have had so many more healthy days with my children than my mom ever had.  So what sorts of things were in these days around my birthday? 

I ditched my evening chores and painted something miniature instead.

The ocean.

We finished this book, which I love, love, love.

We thrifted.  My haul for $6 :Books, Spanish CDs and scrabble quick challenge.

I got myself flowers, the cake my grandmother always served, my family got me some chocolates, I opened some sweet birthday mail (Thank you!), enjoyed a surprise celebration with homeschool friends (Thank you!) and got a laugh out of the card from my dad...which he is still sending me my mom's cards (she died 27 years ago!).
I'm not sure what I expected my life to look like at 43, but I'd say there are plants everywhere and definitely more roses than thorns. 

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