We had our first 'more than a dusting' snowstorm of the year. Oddly I wasn't involved much with snow removal. 

That's because we have Adrian. He's seriously the world's best shoveler. Justin did the snowblower, but I took no photos to prove it. 
Audra spent some time outdoors.
And then mass produced these. 
Anna-Kate was served snacks as she played outside. She also did some sledding.
She certainly got her wish for snow, but it's definitely not snowman snow.
I did some housework and rearranging. 
And made  A LOT of food. Trying to use what we have put away and what we've been gifted. I made a double batch of corn chowder, processed a homegrown hubbard squash, made a stew, two loaves of bread, two carrot cakes (one for the freezer) and cream cheese frosting and BLTs.  At the end of the day, it seems like there's not much left to show my efforts, as we're feeding a shoveling teenager now. 
I think one of the most favorite parts of living in Maine is days like today when we're stuck at home. We had time for good food, playing outside, a movie, board games and read alouds.  We had two fires going inside, so it was nice and toasty all day.  When it was bed time, we changed out of yesterday's pajamas into fresh pajamas. 10 out of 10! 

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