Total Eclipse!

 We drove 7 hours for the totality, despite my dad and my son thinking it was crazy. 

The verdict?  It was good.  Really good. Better than I expected.   It was very easy to see and fascinating to see the changes.  The rapid temperature change was neat to experience, as was how quickly everything got really dark. The sun looked amazing peeking out behind the moon in a perfect circle. The part that surprised me the most was the response of the wild to the change.  As the moon was moving, we notice the birds completely stopped their chatter.   The mosquitoes moved right in along with moths.  The peepers started their chorus. Then I just couldn't believe it, a coyote howled like it was midnight.  Then just as it rapidly started, it all quickly shifted the opposite.  The night noises faded and the birds started their songs again.  A flock of geese went by.  I wish all mosquitoes went away, but a few lingered. 

Bonus entertainment was my dad's commentary ("We're just supposed to sit here to wait for the sun to go away?" YES. "You do know the sun goes down every night." UGH.), my dad's neighbors visited and when all was said and done, Anna-Kate asked if we were going to have breakfast since we just wrapped up night and were back to day.  You know, donuts would have been a great grand finale if I had thought of it.  

Long and short, it was memorable and I'm glad we made the trip.

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