Anna-Kate is SEVEN!


Anna-Kate, You are SEVEN! (Past milestones here:)

Six and a Half


 Five and a HALF! 


Four and a HALF


 three and a HALF.

What a hoot you are.  You never stop talking. Ever. You talk to anyone, everyone and no one. You are not shy in the least and make friends everywhere. You are quick witted and hilarious. 

Your confidence soars.  You always feel like you look great, think you have great things to say and you know your worth. You're very affectionate and encouraging with your words.  

What you don't like to do...chores.  You will do anything and everything to be served. 

You enjoy doing school, being artistic and being with friends. You love animals, play mobil and legos. 

You love to wake late and stay in bed and read.  You also ask for an afternoon snack and go disappear with a book.  

Your fave foods are soups, eggs and colorful foods (you eat your fruits and veggies) and homemade popsicles. You could do without beans (black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans....but you do like green beans). 

Your birthday menu is breakfast for dinner.  We will feast and celebrate you, our seven year old. 

So thankful we have you, our 'one more'.  I thank you for your flexibility and being so go with the flow. Love you oodles! 

Love, Mama

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