Home Sweet Schooling

We wrapped up the last of the Maine homeschooling requirements for the year a little over a month ago. Education is a lifestyle for us, we school year round. We've been taking more days off as of late to do things and having less homeschool days. Yesterday the kids said, "Mom, can we just have a typical homeschool day? We've been so busy."  Yes, that's right.  They ask for our morning routine.  What's the routine?  They create, I read aloud.  It was two nights in a row that I had meetings and didn't read them their nighttime read aloud.  They requested that too.  Yes, in case you're wondering, I have three readers.  They can read their own books.  But what we do as a family, what pulls us together are the books we read together.   I collected a few months of pics 'round the table for our morning routine.  The simple, the ordinary, the expected, the comfort.  Thankful to have created schooling they run to instead of run from.  

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