Ice Cream Socials

The 2024 Ice Cream Social season has commenced.  Our family usually funds the first one and we tend to get enough donations to keep going for several socials. This year Another Chance Animal Rescue wanted to do some community outreach and they chose to support the ice cream socials. They funded the start up one!  This was a huge blessing that I wasn't even looking for!  

If you're not familiar with the ice cream socials we've been doing for years, here's a brief rundown.  Anyone can come.  You can bring all your friends and relations.  The stand is open once a week on a random day for an hour. My kids run the stand, the kids who arrive order their own ice cream and count out the money for the transaction.  No one needs to pay, we keep a bank right there that anyone can use. Once the shop closes, kids play and adults enjoy the sunset. 

It's a summer highlight for my kids. It's so fun to see the fields filled with running children.

My fave part? It brings community together.   If you're local and want to know when they are, I can guide you to the facebook page where I post.

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