"One Match"

I promise to not have oodles of pictures of his 'one match' fires, but I can definitely assert that he is the very best fire pepper out there.  Again and again, he slowly and meticulously gets it ready, I strike a single match, step back and his fire is going. Voila.
Because I never want to forget this little gem, as it also makes me smile wide, I'm posting it here, so I will always have it.  This was his quote tonight:

"When daddy isn't here, I'll be the man of the house. If a robber tries to come into the house, I'll use my martial arts and throw him out! And when he's out of the house and we're all safe, I'll holler "GOOD RIBBONS!"
(Also known as "Good Riddance!")

This kid certainly keeps my heart full! Happy weekend!


  1. Oh my stars! You have me quacking up this morning. He is a lil' fire starter in more ways than one! Love his confidence!

  2. Spoken by a true knight in shining armor!



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